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Welcome to GW Industries

GWI delivers industrial panel products to quality-focused manufacturers.

GWI delivers industrial wood panel products to quality-focused manufacturers. With an enviable standard of quality, knowledge, and dependability, we offer first-class service, pricing, and guaranteed future supply. One of the keys to GWI’s success is its close relationships with suppliers. We work with mills, treaters, extruders, laminators, plastic compounders, and other proven technologies to effectively meet our customer’s specific requirements. GWI customers save money, reduce labor/fallout, and solve problems with unique solutions created just for them. Call us today for detailed product and pricing information.


Our Core Competency

The experts at GWI develop innovative panel and wood products, creating solutions for specific customer requirements. Markets served include transportation, marine, and agriculture. Custom applications include marine plywood, portable stages, agriculture panels, furniture/millwork, cabinets, kiln sticks, bleachers, truck and trailer floors, doors and door surfaces, riser/stair treads.

What We Do

At GW Industries, we are innovators, problem-solvers, distributors, and design experts with strong manufacturing backgrounds and decades of experience working with OEMs. We work hard to develop application-specific custom wood products and overlaid panels. We stand by our work and our products are guaranteed against delaminating and manufacturing defects for the life of the product.

How We Do It

This is where GW Industries really excels. Our team of highly trained experts will work with you extensively to develop the best solutions to meet a wide range of criteria while always maintaining the highest possible standards. We always find unique competitive advantages in our work. This allows us to empower you to differentiate your product from the competition.

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