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About GW Industries



GWI was established by Jim and Cary Dovenberg. Their combined expertise with industrial wood products spans over sixty years. Committed to long-term relationships with customers and mills, GWI’s products and service are well-known and highly respected. Many of the industrial panels and applications still in use today were developed by the Dovenbergs (bus, marine, acoustic db-ply).


GWI understands the production side of plywood. We continuously strive to provide innovative manufacturing solutions to provide you with the right product, significantly reduce downtime and reduce operating costs.

GWI understands volume production. With leading-edge technology, manufacturing facilities, and reliable mills nationwide, we deliver wherever and whenever you need it. Our timing is perfect.

GWI is there for you – wherever and whenever you need us. Today’s manufacturing requirements demand suppliers who can meet customers’ needs anywhere, anytime. This means being agile enough to be strong locally. We have a national network of strategically located warehouses, treating plants, and distributors, all with finished inventory, ensuring your needs are met. And our network of warehouse locations allow us to continuously meet our customers’ needs.

GWI’s operation includes everything from volume production to customized solutions. We combine our core competencies in several processes with an extensive guarantee and customer service commitment.


GWI’s team are recognized leaders. With more than 60 years combined experience, we serve construction, transportation, marine, and many other industrial sectors.

GWI designs the right panel for your application. Our custom-crafted products create the perfect solution for industrial applications. We offer a superior alternative to unsuitable and/or inconsistent material that is typically engineered for home construction use, yet often supplied to industrial users. The right product provides many cost saving benefits including the initial purchase, reduced waste, and labor costs.


GWI’s Program Business. Whether it’s an “as-needed” basis, or a long-term agreement with GWI’s Program Business, the choice is yours. We work in close collaboration with you to tailor a product and service that matches your requirements. Let the experts at GWI help you to optimize performance, streamline costs and reduce downtime with our guaranteed future supply Program Business.


GWI is a well-established OEM supplier of industrial wood products. Our development strategy is focused on providing solutions for you and your customers’ needs. GWI’s advanced technology ensures that your application requirements are met with top quality products, guaranteed to perform, with the lowest life-cycle costs and minimum impact to the environment.

GWI works closely with the mills. It’s our close relationships with suppliers and production knowledge that allow us to adequately respond to customer needs, and meet the needs of the mills at the same time. Our programs create a strong link between GWI, the customer, and our supply partners within a specific market.


GWI’s customer service team answers your questions with one phone call. No recorded message. No computer asking questions. Whether its logistics or design, we are here to ensure the just-in-time delivery needed to keep your production running efficiently and economically.

GWI has the resources to offer full commitment to the success of your project. We are here to serve you – whether you need technical expertise, delivery information, or answers to general questions.


GWI’s leading-edge production resources and distribution network ensures on time delivery for your operation, minimizing turnaround time to keep you running smoothly.


GWI product development is conducted in close cooperation with you to achieve the results that each customer demands. Our mission is to provide our customers with creative solutions and outstanding service by delivering innovative, quality products, on-time and at a competitive price.

One of our strengths is the ability to combine our knowledge of the customer’s needs with our production background and strong mill relationships to provide integrated technical solutions, with measurable benefits in terms of efficiency and utilization of resources.

GWI’s capability is based on knowledge and expertise obtained from years of experience in a multitude of industries. We see every product as a key part of your process and understand the role it plays within your business.

GWI know-how adds value to your business.

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