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Imported Plywood

We Source Sustainable Imported Plywood From Select Mills

Even with the number of quality plywood producers continuing to shrink, GWI has successfully continued to source options for a wide variety of grades and sizes of imported plywood perfect for industrial customers. GWI works directly with a handful of selected plywood mills in South America to help meet our customers plywood flooring and plywood sheet requirements. Through the development of long-term relationships, these mills understand the needs and expectations of industrial customers. We are able to provide high-grade plywood panels with either hardwood or softwood faces and inner plies. The mills that we work with also have sustainable resources of wood veneer to meet your long-term needs.


Our Panels Come in a Variety of Grades and Sizes

In addition to high-grade panels, our mills also manufacture lower grade panels such as CCX and CDX plywood. We can customize these type of panels to meet either PS 1 certified or mill certified requirements. The team at GWI can work with you to develop long-term programs with competitive pricing that offer far more stability than most domestic options. In addition, we have the ability supply a variety of different sizes that could provide a cost effective solution to use in your application. We can produce panel widths and lengths from 3' wide x 6' long to 5+ feet wide by 10' long. Wider and long length panels are available with scarfed joints. We can provide scarfed panels 8' wide by up to 38' long. Custom panel sizes are also available.

We Offer Imported Plywood in Customizable Thicknesses

With our large inventory of imported and marine-grade plywood, GWI offers customizable thickness to better meet the needs of your next project. The flexibility of our stock is not limited to just panel width and length but also in thickness. GWI can supply thicker panels than most domestic mills are even willing to make. Panels up to 1.75' thick and sizes up to 61" x 121" are available. Custom thicknesses are also available. We buy direct so that we can keep the costs low and the quality high.
Experience for yourself the cost savings offered by GWI by giving us the opportunity to give you a quote for whatever plywood needs you have for your next project.

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